New York officials, who once condemned Texas leaders for busing migrants from the southern border, calling the treatment inhumane, are buying bus tickets for newcomers who want to go north and seek asylum in Canada.

Mayor Eric Adams had originally welcomed the migrants, but he has since begun echoing the points of southern leaders, saying the city was buckling from the strain of absorbing more than 42,000 people in need.

Now, city officials are assisting the relocation of a growing number of migrants traveling to New York’s northern border, where crossings are surging.

The arrival of the migrants has set off concern among officials in Canada, which has traditionally been welcoming to immigrants but is trying to discourage illegal crossings.

Mr. Adams said on Tuesday that the city was not compelling people to leave.

“We are not telling anyone to go to any country or state,” he said. “We speak with people and they say their desire is to go somewhere else. So, there’s no coordinated effort.”

New York City has been buying tickets for migrants who want to go to other cities to connect with family or friends for months, officials noted.

The city’s policy and Mr. Adams’s remarks underscore how jurisdictions of all political leanings are struggling to accommodate a global migration movement.

Many of the migrants headed to Canada know no one. Some learned about the possibility of traveling there on TikTok. Rosiel Ramirez and her family, who came from Venezuela, first considered it after they received messages from another family they met at a shelter in Brooklyn who recently struck out for Montreal.


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