I was determined that I would make a better life for my family, even if I had to risk my life. I come from a large, hard working family. By Mexican standards we were comfortable, but that comfort came with the price of constant hard work. We lived under the rule of a corrupt president, who took more and more of our income in taxes. Just as I stepped into adulthood, at age 19, I got married and soon there was a baby on the way. I was working so hard to support my new family, but I could not get ahead.

I grew up in a family of seven children. Life with my five brothers and two sisters in México, could be wild and crazy, but always filled with love. Living with my family was crazy yet filled with love. I was el bebé de la casa”, the baby of the house”, and my brothers loved to wrestle with me, pinning me to the ground, then laughing in victory. Please, don’t get me get started with my annoying sisters, who  would come into my room going through my things. Sometimes, they would break things, making me so angry I would just leave the house. My family filled me with laughter but at the same time they made me shed tears of frustration.

In 1982, Carlos Salinas De Gortari was the president of México. His nickname was, El Ladron,“ The Stealer”. His presidency was hard for everyone. He was very corrupt, over-taxing the common people, while living like a king himself. Even though our country was in the wrong hands, I did not always feel the pressure of his corruption as I grew in my home.

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