The lawsuit alleges the buoys will prevent Epi’s and Fuentes, the company’s owner-operator, from conducting tours and canoe and kayak sessions in the border town Eagle Pass, causing “imminent and irreparable harm to EPI.”

Abbott posted a 15-second video to Twitter showing buoys being loaded from trailers that would be deployed in the river near the border town of Eagle Pass. The Texas Department of Public Safety is overseeing the deployment, the governor said in the tweet Friday.

Abbott, a longtime critic of the Biden administration’s border policies, announced the plan last month that the state would deploy a 1,000-foot floating barrier.

During the announcement, Texas Department of Public Safety Director Col. Steven McCraw touted the buoy barrier could be “quickly deployed” and said it’s mobile. He explained the buoy would be anchored to the bottom of the waterway, adding the buoys are roughly 4 to 6 feet in height depending on the water level.

There are “ways to overcome” the floating barrier, but “it takes great effort, specialized skills and equipment to do it,” McCraw said last month.

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