While the state of Colorado is in the process of slowly re-opening, the last couple of months have been a somewhat solitary period in all of our lives. Unable to go out to the restaurants we love, drink on the patios of our favorite breweries and even locked out of the national parks, we’ve all been forced to retreat into our homes and find ways to make our space as inviting as we can. For many, that has meant a focus on the creative pursuits that may have been left simmering on the back burner. Recognizing this, as well as the lack of access to creative institutions like museums, the Latino Cultural Arts Center (LCAC) has released a coloring book that celebrates their Hecho En Colorado exhibit.

The exhibition, once it’s finally open to the public, will feature a collection that showcases more than 40 artists. “The concept,” said LCAC founder Adriana Abarca in an interview with 303 Magazine, “is to highlight the [artistic] accomplishments of some of the key creators in Colorado over the past 50 years in the areas of visual arts (painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture), music, writing and spoken word as well as dance and fashion.”

Ultimately, the Hecho En Colorado exhibition is a testament to the Latino artists of Denver, and all that they’ve contributed throughout the years.  However, while the exhibit is not currently open to the public, the LCAC and some of the artists involved in ‘Hecho En Colorado’ have worked creatively to bring the art to the public in spite of what’s going on in the world.

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