A sign posted outside of a church in South Omaha over the weekend made people feel anything but welcome.

The sign read, “Heaven has strict immigration laws, hell has open borders” at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, as reported by WOWT.

Several residents said they didn’t agree with the message.

South Omaha resident Gary Kastrick started the South Omaha Mural Project, dedicated to honoring immigrants in the community. He said the message seemed hateful and is not a message the community stands behind.

“People unconsciously don’t realize what they are saying, and there’s no place for things like that if you are constantly aware of just how demeaning it is,” Kastrick said.

The church is located at 36th and Q streets, south of downtown Omaha.

“36th and Q is the epicenter of the immigrant experience of the midlands,” said Jose “Chato” Garcia, South Omaha historian.

The Archdiocese of Omaha said a St. Mary’s volunteer made an offensive and inexcusable mistake and that volunteer has since been removed from his duties.


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