HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii is home to millions of immigrants who play a vital role to expanding Hawaii’s workforce and supporting the state’s economy. Immigrants make up approximately 18% of our entire population, according to New American Economy, a bipartisan research organization.

Key findings from the 2021 publication show where immigrants are coming from and how they are important to industries that are essential to Hawaii’s economy.

Using data from the 5-year 2018 American Community Survey, as well as qualitative policy data from the NAE Cities Index, here are the biggest sources of immigrants to Hawaii.

#1. Philippines

– Number of immigrants: 117,100
– Share of immigrants: 45.8%

#2. Japan

– Number of immigrants: 21,500
– Share of immigrants: 8.4%

#3. China

– Number of immigrants: 20,000
– Share of immigrants: 7.8%

#4. Korea

– Number of immigrants: 17,900
– Share of immigrants: 7%

#5. Micronesia

– Number of immigrants: 11,600
– Share of immigrants: 4.6%

#6. Vietnam

– Number of immigrants: 10,000
– Share of immigrants: 3.9%

#7. Mexico

– Number of immigrants: 5,600
– Share of immigrants: 2.2%

#8. Marshall Islands

– Number of immigrants: 5,500
– Share of immigrants: 2.2%

#9. Canada

– Number of immigrants: 4,200
– Share of immigrants: 1.6%

#10. Hong Kong

– Number of immigrants: 3,900
– Share of immigrants: 1.5%

Overall, more than half (56.7%) of immigrants in Hawaii are naturalized U.S. citizens.


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