I’ve been writing columns for over twenty years. I started writing for the Philadelphia Daily News in 2002. When it merged — to its detriment — with the Inquirer, I continued writing pieces until they fired me in 2020 for what they termed insubordination and I called “Tweeting While Conservative.”

I’ve also been writing for the Delco Times for over a decade, the Delaware Valley Journal, my own Substack and of course, Broad + Liberty. And in my spare time, I practice immigration law.

It’s no surprise, then, that if you Google my name next to “columnist,” the topic I’ve written about the most over the years is immigration. A close second would be abortion, but the vast majority of my pieces have titles like “What Republicans Get Wrong About Amnesty,” “Trump Fails With Latest Immigration Speech,” “Why Immigrants Matter So Much To America,” and “A Reminder of America From Inside An Immigration Office.”

It might seem from these titles that most of my immigration pieces tend to excoriate conservatives because of what is perceived as a “close the border/build a wall” stance, and in some cases that has been the truth. I am an atypical right-wing zealot in that I actually work with immigrants and understand that the black and white approach of “get in line and wait your turn” is not exactly feasible in the current system. There is, in truth, no line. And to be honest, there wasn’t much of a line for our ancestors who came through Ellis Island, even though we like to believe that they did it the right way.


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