The 2020 edition of Azahares, the Spanish literary magazine published by the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith launched this month, featuring local, regional, national and international contributors, hailing from Fort Smith to Brazil and Spain. This year’s publication is the magazine’s 12th edition.

Credit: Jessica Martin

The Spanish literary magazine is produced by UAFS students, faculty, and alumni who comprise an editorial board, a design team, and contributing authors and artists. The publication includes poetry, short fiction, photography, and art that share a theme of Latinx culture and the Spanish language. The year, the production of Azahares was funded in part by a grant from the Arkansas Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

“For all of us who love the literary and visual arts, Azahares is a source of pleasure and enjoyment, a light shining on the soulfulness and beauty of the Latino experience, in all its many forms,” said Dr. Mary Sobhani, associate professor and head of the World Languages Department at UAFS. “Particularly in this time of COVID-19 challenges and crises, the crafting of poetry, short stories, and art is a gift.  The arts have the power to promote well-being and harmony, to uplift hearts, and to advance the affairs of humankind, and deserve great appreciation.”

UAFS students Makaela Swinney, Roxy Wylie and Alexandria Dormois contributed artistic pieces and poetry to the publication, while senior Spanish major Yamilet Vargas Toledano served on the editorial board, gaining practical experience in bilingual copy editing as well as the logistics of producing a literary publication.

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