The New American Workforce advances our country and economy by bolstering the skills and career pathway potential of immigrant workers, meeting important business operational needs.

By the Immigration Forum

America’s economic growth and prosperity is inextricably linked to new Americans’ ability to acquire skills and opportunities to thrive. The Forum, through New American Workforce, seeks to advance the needs of the immigrant workforce by engaging corporations on federal policy and providing solutions for immigrant integration at the worksite.

As corporate leaders continue to recognize the value of their diverse workforce, the Forum is a trusted partner when major companies seek to advance services to support and advocate on behalf of their new American workforce.  Through this program, the Forum helps corporations speak to the value of immigrants and immigration so the goals and aspirations of the American worker and their family are served.

New American Workforce was inspired by Bethlehem Steel, the Pennsylvania-based company that built iconic American infrastructure, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Chrysler Building. In 1915, it was one of the first U.S. employers to provide free English language lessons to its immigrant workforce.

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English At Work:  We work with businesses to provide industry-contextualized English language training as a solution for employees looking to build work site skills and unlock career pathways. This training is customizable, offered in-person or through live online instruction, and has an online tool for employees to access learning as it fits their schedules. Learn more here.

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