U.S. Refugee Resettlement Falls Behind Canada

The United States has historically led the world in terms of formal refugee resettlement, accepting more refugees annually than any other country. With significant cuts in refugee admissions by the Trump administration, however, the United States fell behind Canada in...

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Checkpoints Feel the Strain as Migrants Cross into the U.S.

The surge of Central American migrants crossing into the U.S. isn't just taxing border agents and the nation's immigration system — it's straining interior checkpoints like one on Highway 281 in Texas. By Eric Westervelt An hour's drive north of the U.S.-Mexico...

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Chinese Immigrants Helped Build America’s Railroads

Chinese immigrants helped build America's first transcontinental railroad in the 1860s, but their contribution has been largely forgotten. A group of their descendants is trying to change that. By Emily Feng STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: This spring, some Chinese Americans set...

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The Future of DACA Puts Graduates in Precarious Situations

In many ways, Saba Nafees is a textbook example of the type of worker businesses in Texas report they need. As the Texas House Select Committee on Economic Competitiveness was warning that the number of graduates with technical skills was not growing nearly fast...

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Central Americans Seek Asylum in Europe Rather than U.S.

For María Marroquín, life in El Salvador had become intolerable. Gang members extorting money had killed merchants in the market where she worked. She feared for her 27-year-old son, David, after a cousin had been kidnapped and was never found. So last year, Ms....

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Man Faces Deportation Despite Being Adopted by U.S. Parents

Paul Fernando Schreiner paces around a sparsely furnished room, swatting mosquitoes from his arms and neck as he wonders if today will be any different from all the others. The heavy, dense air of this city across the bay from Rio de Janeiro feels insufferable,...

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Immigration Proposal Would Dramatically Revamp Criteria

President Donald Trump’s proposal to “create a fair, modern, and lawful system of immigration” has, despite its high-profile Rose Garden rollout on May 16, met a decidedly lackluster reception, among Democrats and Republicans alike.  By Muzaffar Chishti and Jessica...

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Differences Between Recent Arrivals and Long-Term Residents

Recently arrived U.S. immigrants are a growing part of the nation’s foreign-born population, which reached a record 44.4 million in 2017. Overall, their profile differs from immigrants who have been in the country longer. By Jynnah Radford & Jens Manuel Krogstad...

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Communities Form as Thousands Wait Entry on Mexican Side

Thousands of asylum-seekers from Central America, Cuba and elsewhere have massed in Mexican border cities, waiting and hoping to be granted legal entry to the United States. They have created a humanitarian crisis, and they're growing impatient. By John Burnett...

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Latino Culture Arrives in the Dallas Design District

A guidepost for egalitarianism has arrived in the Dallas Design District, representing the 42% of Dallas' population who are Latino. The Latino Arts Project opened its doors on Dragon Street this past Cinco de Mayo with the exhibition Mexican Modern Sculpture: A Study...

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Professor Questions Amount of Filipino Nurses in the U.S.

Growing up in New York City, UC Berkeley ethnic studies professor Catherine Ceniza Choy remembers seeing a lot of nurses dressed in their crisp white uniforms. She and her mom lived in an apartment building near several hospitals, so seeing health workers in the...

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Detained Central American Migrants Describe Conditions

Central American migrants who were detained in a Border Patrol holding facility in McAllen, Texas, described atrocious living conditions and widespread sickness. By John Burnett U.S. Customs and Border Protection shut down its largest migrant processing center in...

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Mission District Murals Showcase Teams of Latino Artists

Palm trees were planted in the Mission District in early 1971 — a clear attempt by city leaders to give the struggling working-class neighborhood more of a Santa Barbara vibe. By Peter Hartlaub But the locals had their own makeover planned; one that didn’t involve...

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Immigrating away from the South African Apartheid

Jacqui can still remember when her brother Mark came home one day in June 1976 and told her parents that South Africa had no future and that the family should leave together. Jacqui was 8 at the time, but Mark was ten years older and had recently entered into the...

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Julián Castro Plans to Change U.S. Immigration Policy

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro has a plan to change immigration policy in the U.S. The former Housing and Urban Development secretary wants to address immigrant detention, family reunification and the immigration court system. By Steve Inskeep and...

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Undocumented Immigrants Licenses Means Safer Roads

Four years after implementing a policy to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, Connecticut has seen a reduction in hit-and-run crashes and a steep decline in the number of people found guilty of unlicensed driving. By Chris Burrell More than...

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Purposed “Merit” System Would Require Civics Test

When President Donald Trump introduced a new immigration plan last Thursday, he told Americans that he wanted to shift the focus of the U.S. immigration system, going from giving many visas to families of those already here to a “merit” system. Under his plan, which...

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Loves You Cookbook Filled with Voices of Filipino Immigrants

What I love about cookbooks is that they make me excited to do something. They inspire me to action. They show me delicious, beautiful things — things that I might not even know I want until I see them and realize that I’m craving them. And cookbooks don’t just dangle...

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Nailed It Documentary Explores Vietnamese Entrepreneurs

If you've had a manicure lately, chances are you probably had it done at a nail salon run by people of Vietnamese heritage. By Lulu Garcia-Navarro The salons are everywhere — in nearly every city, state and strip mall across the United States. So how did Vietnamese...

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