This Week’s Resources on COVID-19

Discover a list of resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic for address Immigrant communities' needs and the needs of those while adjusting immigration status. This list will be updated regularly. Independent Contractor Brainstorming Worksheet, This worksheet helps...

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Latinx workers represent nearly half of COVID cases in SF

This report is published in two parts. Part 1 reviews the City’s timeline of response in the first three months of the COVID-19 outbreak and existing data on Latinx workers as essential workers in the City. Part 2 hears directly from six essential Latinx workers who...

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Asian Heritage Month: Reflections by Kiren Chui

In honour of Asian Heritage Month: Immigration, hope, and the Canadian Dream By: Kiren J Chui, SFU Student One: The introduction I was born in Vancouver to two Hong Kong-born immigrants. I’ve had the privilege of growing up in two cultures: a culture found in my home,...

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Azahares, the Spanish literary magazine, launched this week

The 2020 edition of Azahares, the Spanish literary magazine published by the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith launched this month, featuring local, regional, national and international contributors, hailing from Fort Smith to Brazil and Spain. This year’s...

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Oregon Worker Relief Fund (OWRF) raises aid for immigrants

PORTLAND — Immigrants’ rights advocates, together with Causa Oregon, PCUN, Latino Network, Innovation Law Lab, and APANO, announced on Friday, May 29 that the Oregon Worker Relief Fund (OWRF) distributed $750,000 in a first round of aid, according to a news release....

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Dear Homeland, a documentary about US Immigration

“Dear Homeland,” a documentary about singer/songwriter Diana Gameros’s sojourn through the U.S. immigration system, makes its digital premiere June 3 via KQED. By Andrew Gilbert Even when she was hiding in the shadows, anxious and fearful that her status as an...

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The uninsured and undocumented hesitate going to hospitals

What’s worse than fighting for your life against COVID-19 in a hospital? Fighting that battle at home. With the infection curve finally flattening, for now, and what attention is being paid to the sick concentrated on those in hospitals, it’s easy to forget: people...

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COVID-19 Traps Migrants in Latin America

The impacts of COVID-19 in Latin America have been felt far and wide. Physical distancing and lockdown measures aimed at stopping the spread of the virus have brought economies to the brink of collapse and negatively impacted people’s livelihoods, testing governments’...

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California Aid for Undocumented Workers in High Demand

California's first-of-its-kind effort to get cash aid into the hands of undocumented workers affected by the coronavirus got off to a bumpy start over the past week. By Eric Westervelt & Marisa Penaloza Across the state, tens of thousands of immigrants calling to...

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USCIS plans to furlough employees without funding

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the federal agency responsible for visa and asylum processing, is expected to furlough part of its workforce this summer if Congress doesn't provide emergency funding to sustain operations during the coronavirus...

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Honoring Leslie Sabo Jr, the hero that died saving Americans

Immigrant Leslie Sabo Jr. died while saving the lives of his fellow soldiers during the Vietnam War. Many men in his platoon witnessed the sacrifice but decades passed before the U.S. Army and the government who sent Sabo into harm’s way recognized his courage. By...

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Leaders face challenges in immigrant-serving NPOs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are sharing the stories and experiences of the Welcoming Network in responding to the crisis in their communities as well as the challenges facing immigrant-serving nonprofit organizations. This week, we hear from Ricardo...

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Immigrant doctors are helping fill the urgent medical needs

The battle against the coronavirus has been strained by shortages of ventilators, gloves and N95 masks, but hospitals are also scrambling to keep enough medical staff in place to deal with the surges of patients. Experts say immigrants are helping to fill this need...

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Temporary suspensions leave unanswered questions

U.S Citizenship & Immigration Services has temporarily suspended in-person interviews and court hearings, all to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Immigration Attorney Cristina Hughes said this leaves people with many unanswered questions about their status....

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A bolstered workforce: Career pathways for immigrants

The New American Workforce advances our country and economy by bolstering the skills and career pathway potential of immigrant workers, meeting important business operational needs. By the Immigration Forum America’s economic growth and prosperity is inextricably...

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Employers with H-1B Visa Workers: COVID-19

Employers are facing issues related to their workforce to a degree never experienced before due to COVID-19, and it is critical for employers to protect themselves as they make decisions surrounding continuing business operations. By Holland & Knight, LLP, Erika...

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Financial help for CA immigrants begins soon

California’s undocumented immigrants can begin applying Monday for disaster relief payments of up to $1,000 per household under Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus emergency assistance plan. By Jacqueline Garcia In April, Newsom announced a one-time, $75-million fund for...

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Immigration detention centers during COVID-19 Outbreak

More than 4,000 doctors are urging U.S. Immigration and Customs officials to release individuals and families from immigration detention due to the COVID-19 outbreak. By Stephen Stock, Robert Campos, Michael Horn, Mark Villarreal and Sean Myers Doctors fear a wave of...

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