Must see Latinx & Latin Art Exhibitions for 2019

In 2018, mammoth art institutions seemed to finally pay heed to the demands of Latinx and Latin Americans for greater representation in the art world. In August, the Whitney Museum presented its first exhibit of emerging Latinx artists, organized by the museum’s first...

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New poll shows Disagreement on Immigration

This past weekend, the partial shutdown affecting a quarter of the federal government became the longest on record. Most Americans do not support the shutdown: In a recent NPR-Ipsos poll, 71 percent said Congress should pass a bill to reopen the government while...

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Seattle’s KEXP Radio Station Highlights Latino Artists

Anglo media is often a daunting and frustrating place for Spanish-speaking Latino artists who are trying to find a foothold for their work. Often, these musicians are forced to navigate marketing strategies and value systems that ignore the historical and social...

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Is the U.S Immigration System enabling forced Marriages?

The data raises questions about whether the immigration system may be enabling forced marriage, the Associated Press reports. By Colleen Long WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of requests by men to bring in child and adolescent brides to live in the United States were...

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The Chinese Immigration Experience at Angel Island

More than a century before Donald Trump issued a flurry of executive orders restricting the entry of foreign nationals from certain Muslim-majority nations, demonized Central American refugees seeking asylum, and voiced his desire to end birthright citizenship, the...

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A list of 25 Immigrants who have made the World Great

Contrary to common political rhetoric, immigration does not represent a zero-sum game in which jobs, services, and resources consumed by immigrants result in fewer resources for taxpayers and working-class citizens. By Grant Schreiber It’s a fact that immigrants open...

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Latino families keep Three Kings Day tradition alive

Instead of Santa, the Three Kings "made much more sense with the Nativity scenes we had seen throughout Christmas," said a professor who grew up in Miami. By Gwen Aviles Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz still remembers the excitement of being a child in Puerto Rico, anticipating...

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What 2019 means for the H1B Visa Program

What is the status of the current U.S. H1B visa program and what can we look forward to in the new year? By Andy J. Semotiuk Foreigners view the H1B visa as the golden gate to furthering their career, starting a family and building a new life in America. The visa is...

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What to Expect for Immigration in 2019

We should not expect in 2019 that Donald Trump will visit the Statue of Liberty and deliver a speech about America’s great tradition as a nation of immigrants. But here's a look at what we should expect to happen on immigration in 2019. By Stuart Anderson Continued...

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ICA LA Highlights Chicano and Latino Art Community

Jamillah James, curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICA LA), and Betty Avila, executive director of Self Help Graphics & Art, are young women—both in their 30s—who have recently taken leadership positions at L.A. institutions that have been...

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CEO Andre Haddad Fights for Immigrants

At 17, Andre Haddad could identify types of explosives based on the sounds they made whizzing overhead. A mortar shell in trajectory thundered like the sounds of Blue Angels flying low over San Francisco — a noisy spectacle that still rattles Haddad almost 30 years...

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How Shutdown is Affecting the Immigration Courts

NPR's Don Gonyea talks with San Francisco-based immigration judge Dana Leigh Marks about how the government shutdown is affecting the immigration courts. From on All Things Considered on NPR DON GONYEA, HOST: We're going to continue our conversation about immigration...

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30 Cities Voice Opposition on Immigration Benefits Proposal

A coalition of 32 cities led by New York and Chicago have come out in opposition to a Trump administration proposal that would link welfare and immigration benefits. By Rafael Berna In the multi-city comment, representatives argued that the proposed rule from U.S....

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Firsthand Account at the US-Mexico Border

Isabella crossed the border wall from Mexico into the U.S. at 14-years-old with her older sister. She said crossing a river became the most terrifying part of her journey. By Christine Tannous “It was very high in some cases and I didn’t know how to swim,” Isabella...

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3 Immigrant Families tell their US Struggles

Imagine getting banned from seeing your dying child because of your nationality. Or watching your children get tear-gassed in front of you. Or trying to provide a better life for your 7-year-old daughter, only to have her die suddenly. These horrors became reality for...

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Interfaith Leaders Protest For Migrant Rights

Interfaith leaders have joined forces to protest the militarization of the U.S.-Mexico border this week ― many putting their bodies on the line to support migrants’ right to seek asylum.  By Carol Kuruvilla America’s southern border has been the site of many...

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Proposed Rule Would Require Decent Credit Score

A decent credit score, which dictates so much of what we are allowed to acquire in modern-day America, is hard for many people to achieve in this unequal country. But now, the US Department of Homeland Security wants to require immigrants to demonstrate they have one...

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Volunteers Shed Light on Chinese Exclusion in Seattle

Seattle's National Archives contain about 50,000 case files related to the Chinese Exclusion Act, which for decades barred most Chinese immigration. Volunteers working to index the files say they hold precious personal information and poignant broader lessons....

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San Jose Little Saigon Shook by Deportation Policy

The former vice mayor of San Jose still remembers the night she and her family boarded a fishing boat to flee Vietnam in 1979. They spent the next week lost at sea. She remembers making it to the Central Valley of California and, as a child, getting up at 4 a.m. to...

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